At Edgewood College, educational opportunities extend beyond the classroom. The college’s educational philosophy is reflected in the variety of challenging activities through which the personal development of each individual is nurtured.

The extracurricular programme runs during the school day. Our students enjoy a wide variety of activities:

  • Table tennis
  • Duke of Edinburgh International Awards
  • Music (orchestra, choreography, musical instruments etc)
  • Football
  • Cookery
  • Basketball
  • Photography
  • Swimming
  • Programming
  • Volleyball
  • Creative hands
  • Arts and crafts
  • Technology
  • Woodwork and metal work
  • Public speaking
  • Fun with Maths
  • Fun Science
  • Dance
  • Reading and writing

Team spirit, physical development and good health are promoted through our various clubs. Students compete at national and international levels and have an impressive set of achievements.

They also showcase their talents during assemblies, school events and other platforms.