Edgewood College is a Cambridge Assessment International Education accredited secondary school that teaches and prepares children aged 11 to 16 years to sit for the Cambridge IGCSE examinations.

Our children also have the opportunity to learn the history, language and geography of Nigeria.

*Students will not sit formal examinations in these subjects, but will be assessed periodically.

We work with learners and parents to select subjects that match the learners’ interests, aspirations and strengths. They learn these subjects in Years 10 and 11: Biology, Computer Science and ICT, English Language, French and Mathematics

In addition, they choose one subject from the subject groups below.

  • Group 1: Art and Design, Chemistry or History
  • Group 2: Design and Technology or Economics
  • Group 3: Additional Mathematics, Business Studies or Geography
  • Group 4: English Literature or Physics


When learners complete the secondary school programme, they progress to the: