Edgewood College is a British Curriculum College offering the IGCSE and A-Level curriculum.

The college is accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Education to offer both the IGSCE and A-Level Examination.

We also partner with Abbey College Malvern in the United Kingdom for the University Foundation Program (UFP) and Blyth Academy in Canada for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Edgewood College is known for christian ethos, quality education and outstanding student outcomes.

We are recipients of the Cambridge Assessment International Education Outstanding learners award for three academic sessions in a row, the 2017-2018 session, the 2018 - 2019 session and the 2019 -2020 session.

Edgewood College is an inclusive school as we accept students from all around the world and support students with special educational needs. Our admissions process is non- selective; however, students seeking admission have to take an entrance examination so we can determine students competence and level for the year group, which they are seeking admission.

Edgewood College has a rich selection of extra-curricular activities for students, which include the Competitive sports, Photography, Fitness, Cycling, Entrepreneurship, Science, Coding, Robotics, Duke of Edinburgh award, Music and many more clubs that are student-led. These activities support community service and engagements that support students in developing leadership, life skills, team building, collaboration and organisational skills.